Horse breeding is one of the many things we do and do well. Jim grew up breeding horses with his family and continued to learn through experience as a breeding assistant at an Arabian barn in the late 1990s. There, he learned how to collect stallions and breed mares.
Through the years, Jim has added to his skill set and is able to perform almost all breeding operations in-house.

Stallion Management

As a stallion owner, your main objective should be to get mares in foal. We have the tools and experience to get that done

  • Collection
  • Shipping
  • Fertility assessment
  • Extender matching
  • Stallion promotion

Mare Management

Nothing is more expensive than an open mare. While we know that, we also know that you have a budget like the rest of the world and being efficient while doing what it takes to get your mare bred.

  • On-site insemination
  • Ultrasound services
  • Receiving farm semen evaluation
  • On and off-site mare management
  • Foaling
  • Foal marketing



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